For us to succeed each year we will need volunteers like you to help us create and execute our plan for Dragonfly Forest.  At Dragonfly Forest our Volunteers do more than just provide labor, they are an integral part of our philosophy and desire for community involvement.

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Adults come to volunteer and work at Dragonfly Forest for many reasons: some want to have a summer of fun, some want to give back to their community, but some come for other reasons.

When we asked our counselors about the personal and professional goals they hoped to achieve while at Dragonfly Forest. We learned that they were interested in the ways that camp would contribute to their aspirations to be doctors, teachers, lawyers, social workers, and nurses by helping them develop skills in many different areas, such as leadership, organization, group dynamics, advocacy, and program development. In addition, we learned that counselors felt that their camp experience would help improve their family lives and personal relationships by improving their patience, cooperation, flexibility, motivation, and enthusiasm.

What was even more interesting than the goals themselves were some of the results, such as a program leader who developed new teaching strategies for her special education classroom, and the counselor who used his background in biology to learn more about campers’ medical issues. This personal and professional development means that Dragonfly Forest is a place that is magical not only for the kids, but also for the adults.

In 2013, Dragonfly Forest had over 217 Volunteers who gave us over 12,905 hours that were valued at $ 294,066*

* Value of Hours is based on Bureau of Labor and Statistics – Occupational Employment Statistics and Wages, May 2012


Staff Counselors
Elizabeth Albert
Kelly Anderson
Donovan Andrews
Scott Arizala
Tahirah Austin
Na’jeer Barfield
Dahmir Beckham
James Brooker
Brianna Burrell
Cate Butler
Dominic Caton
Roderick Cooney
Raya Cooper
Lauren Cotton
Jenna Cunningham
Kayla Disibio
Casey Farrell
Johnny Floyd
Jordan Ford
Malachi Fortune
Lauren Galster
Zach German
Melissa Hall
Jessica Herzog
Joshua Holmes
Cerise Hungate
Alexandra Iverson
Damir Johnson
Michelle Kolonauski
Andrew Kulasegram-Wilson
Jordan Lacy
Lindslay Laurent
Kaitlin Lederer
Maria Lepore-Stevens
Katie Marrero
Danielle McCloskey
Mollie McCloskey
Joshua McDaniel
Lindsey McDonald
Kristin McMaster
Rebecca Miller
Rashid Mincy-Johnson
Alexandra Monyhan
Shawna Morse
Nicole Ober
Karena Oliveri
Joel Ontiveros
Isabella Pischner
Kaitlyn Polonis
Julia Popper
Kardell Pressley
Jamar Pyatt
Grace Quinn
Ibrahim Rabbani
Maria Ricker
Ja’keena Robbins
Priiti Sahu
David Sanford
Zoe Schechter
Marty Shamon
Nelson Strickland
Frances Takemoto
Abigail Thomforde
Ryan Tressler
Eric Van Ess
Paige Van Kampen
Sylvia van Meerten
Catherine Vu
Cassandra Weaver
Fred Weiner
Jamal Wilson

Alayna Androkites
Alexis Ankrah
Dotti Boettlin
James Brooker
Anthony Armstrong
Kevin Campbell
DJ Dominic Caton
Robert Celious
Kyle Colburn
Tyler Colburn
Terry Colburn
Gloria Colon
Shari Coltoff
Bridge Coyne
Beth Danna
David DeJuliio
Ruthann DeRenza
Diane Direnzo
Brianna Donnelly
Michel Ehlinger
Melissa Engel
Kevin Exil
Malachi Fortune
Kim Fox
Barbara Gmitter
Zoe Goodnight
Shelia Hardin
Lee Ann Henry
Trudy Houck
Tache T Hudgins
Patrice Ingram
Shanice Ingram
Nikki Jackson
Laura Jansen
Christian Johnson
Christopher Johnson
Monica Lepore
Liberty Mutual Volunteers
Kelsey Lynch
Leah Markowitz
Todd Marquette
Emma Miller
Vicki Miller
Laura Narcum
Jenn Nelson
Jennifer Ness
Joan Osterberry
Chavis Patterson
Max Pinsky
David Pratt
Lori Radel
Michael Rama
Beverly Reber
Ana Ricker
Maria Ricker
Rebecca Rinehart
Erin Royce
Cassi Ryan
Angie Sacco
Robert Schaaf
Caren Shanfeld
Mandi Shanfeld
Nichole Shanfeld
Scott Shanfeld
Ashley Sroka
Alex Stone
Katie Stone
Meg Stone
Justin Sukernek
Tyler Sullivan
Amu Susanin
Jenn Sweeney
Abigail Thomforde
Renee Thomson-Hohl
Diane Tricarico
Isabella Trisolini
UPS Volunteers
Thomas Wallace
Bernice Weiner
Samuel Weiner
KaMichael Young

Medical Volunteers
Yasmin Bahora
Gail Benincasa
Corriette Boyles
Kimberly Boyles
Christina Brommer
Tyra Bryant-Stephens, MD
Ricki Carroll
Rachael Clark
Erin Coyne
Fatoumata Dabo
Donna Dabrowski
Mary Jo De Finis
Maya Dewan, MD
Larissa Dominy
Amanda Doud
Michael Dreyer, MD
Michael Duff
Maria Dugan
Stacy Ellen, MD
Beth Ely
Tamar Epstein
Danielle Erkoboni
Mirna Farah, MD
Susan Fendrick
Andrea Flynn, MD
Jessica Fowler
Jeremy Fox
Stacey Fox, MD
Kim Fugok
Christina Gallagher
Rebecca Ganetzky, MD
Enelida Gomez
Joshua Grahe
Eric Greene
Morgan Grothmann
Blaze Gusic, MD
Catherine Hamilton
Chuckles Heckenberger
Alicia Henderson
Kelly High
Tracy Hills
Ashley Kilp
Sharon Littig Bayreder
Sarah Macdonald, MD
Sara Madjoff
Alicia Mamienski
Maureen McCloskey
Malorie Mcelhenney
Dayna McGill, MD
Hiral Mehta
Brett Mills
Colette Mull, MD
Gina Murray, MD
Pramath Nath, MD
Erik Ness
Quynh Nguyen, MD
Pamela Palladino
Anna Paridon
Joyce Partner
Kerry Philipose
Natalie Robiou, MD
Adam Rom
Nina Sainath
Karen Sanchez
Melissa-Gayle Sanchez, MD
Samantha Sanders
Leah Scherzer, MD
Richard Schwarz, MD
Robert Seifrit
Heather Shafi, MD
Mark Sheedy
Felecia Singh-Sumner
Margaret Souders
Beth Stevens
Matthew Stinger
Jessica Torres
Sin Tran
Trish Underland
Aaron Wallman
Jennifer Walter
Megan Waxler
Vaughn Whitmire
Marcia Winston

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