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Dragonfly Forest Blog

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    Dragonfly Forest Blog Welcome spring session camper!

      Our wonderful interns came up with themed activities last week that the
    kids (as well as our team!) loved. "Outdoor fun day" was one option,
    in which we played outside with sidewalk chalk and played frizbee. We
    also had "spy hunt," in which we broke off in teams to search for our
    hidden objects. Spy masks were also made to help with this task and
    stay in character to be the best spy that one can be! 

     We are looking forward to this afternoon and will be uploading pictures soon to stay tuned!

    29 March 2012, 18:12

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Field Day and Springy Crafts!

    Hi families! 

    We had a great time this week at the Spectrum! There was a huge group of kids and you could feel the energy buzzing in the air. This week was a little different - the kids got to choose between two groups instead of three. One group was the Field Day group, and got to go outside and play in the gorgeous weather, and the other group was the springtime crafts group and got to stay inside and make cool and colorful creations!

    The field day group was hugely popular with the beautiful weather, and about three quarters of the kids went outside with the interns for this one. They got to play foursquare, get their faces painted, play cornhole, tag, play with balloons, play with chalk, and just run around and enjoy the day! There was constant laughter in the air, and it was evident everyone was having a really good time. 


    The springtime craft group that stayed inside still had a lot of fun! There was only about 5 or 6 of the kids, but they managed to get the most out of it and sang a lot of cool songs and had really funny and interesting conversations! There are some really creative minds in this group of kids, and it is always so amazing to see them in conversation because you never know what they are going to say next! Some of them drew some really cool things; there are some creative and talented kids in this group! 

    As always, thank you all for your continued support of the program and of the kids. We always have such a great time together!

    See y'all next Tuesday!

    29 March 2012, 01:40

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Magic show, Outdoor fun, and A Bugs Life!!

    This week at The Spectrum we had a Magic show!! 

    The kids learned how to make a card disappear, a little magic everyone could master!!

    They also got to see our magician make AWESOME balloon animals!

    Dogs, flowers, Ray guns, parrots and turtles!! 

    After our magic show campers choose to either participate in Outdoor fun or A bugs life.

    In Outdoor fun we went outside where we played relay races and hot potato!!

    In A bugs life campers stayed in and made 3D bugs and colored A bugs life coloring pages!!

    Next week we are going Bowling and we can't wait!!

    (pictures updated soon) 

    24 March 2012, 22:04

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Slime time and leprechaun fun!

    March 14th!!

    We had two great activities Slime time and leprechaun fun!!

    Campers we able to make AWESOME slime in every color of the rainbow!!

    We played slime time games and slimmed our counselors!!

    In leprechaun fun we made little leprechauns and colored cool leprechaun pages! We played games and had a BLAST!

    (Pictures updated soon!!)

    24 March 2012, 21:56

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Fresh Air, Talents and Games!

    Hey Families!

    We kicked off the late spring session yesterday with just enough break from the rain to do a lot of playing outside!A huge group of kids were in attendance yesterday, which made the activities extra fun and energized.The kids got to pick between: fresh air group, spring talent show group, and minute to win it group. 

    The fresh air group was awesome because it had the kids outside and running around the whole day! Which was great, especially if they were in school all day and may not have had recess because of the rain. Outside, the kids played some cornhole, and played the old classic duck-duck-goose which had them entertained for a long time. They also played tag near the end of the day with a combination of the other two groups who ended up outside. It was a fun group filled with lots of giggles and social interaction!

    The spring talent show group was SO fun to watch! The kids started indoors, and picked out costumes from our giant costume bag and spent some time deciding what their talents were going to be. They got to add props to their talents (be it balls, drawings or what have you) in addition to their costumes to create a whole show! They then went outside and performed their talents for one another on the staircase, which was so cute and brave of them. Some even sang! After they were done, some of the kids went inside and joined the minute to win it group, and some stayed outside and played tag with the fresh air group. It was really funny to see some princesses and supermans chase around kids in street clothes.

    The minute to win it group played a bunch of games that take a minute to do and win. They played a game that had two teams wrapping each other in toilet paper like mummies for 60 seconds and whoever was covered the most by the end was the winner! They also played a game that involved blowing up a balloon and using the air to knock over as many wax cups as possible in 60 seconds. This was a big group filled with enthusiastic smiles and laughter! 

    We had a great time with the kids for our first day of our late session! We are planning really exciting activities each week for the future, so hopefully the enthusiastic feedback that we got yesterday continues on! 

    If you have any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or phone call. 

    See you next week!

    21 March 2012, 16:22

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Superheroes and Detectives do science experiments!

    If anyone thought that superheroes and detectives couldn't work together, they were mistaken! This week at Haverford, we had superheroes, detectives, and scientist all learning from each other and sharing trade secrets.


    The superheroes protected the Spectrum group from treacherous villains, wearing self-designed capes, masks, and weapons.  They came up with great names for themselves—with incredible powers to accompany their flashy titles.  They flew around Haverford's campus saving all the other kids and counselors. Thank goodness they were there!

    Meanwhile a group of detectives gathered together to find old Mrs.Mary's lost possessions.  With their magnifying glasses in hand they doggedly tracked down every clue and at last found the thief who stole everything!


    The scientists in our group learned how to make balloon rockets and sent them flying across the room at extraordinary speeds!  It was a blast! See you all soon for more fun and adventures!





    10 March 2012, 17:13

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Science, Spongebob and Monster Trucks!

    Hey Everybody!

    Today was a gorgeous day for the last day of the early spring session of the spectrum.

    The kids were VERY energetic today as they participated in all of their groups. 

    They had a choice between WWE/Monster Truck group, Spongebob group, and a Science group!


    The WWE/Monster Truck group was a pretty big hit and they got to color some masks and wrestlers, which was awesome for them!

    They also got to watch some monster truck action on youtube which got all of them really excited and focused on the huge trucks and the stuff

    they were smashing. Then they went outside in the beautiful weather and raced their balloons around which was really fun to watch.




    Spongebob group was pretty small with only two kids (everyone had a hard time saying no to monster trucks and science!)

    but they managed to have a really good time cutting sponges and sticking pipe cleaners through them all. They were really creative with 

    their sponges!

    The Science group was a smash success as well with all the potential for explosions and strange uses of lemon juice! 

    They got to make a bunch of pennies shiny, and make mini volcano's in their cups. Bubbling liquids is always a favorite with this 

    curious group of kids, so that was super awesome for them.



    All in all we had a fantastic wrap up to this early session and we had a great time! Thank you for everything you do, and we hope to see you all again for the late spring session that starts on Tuesday, March 20th! 

    29 February 2012, 06:12

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Fat Tuesday & Fun!

    This week, we had a great time celebrating this colorful day with plenty of silliness and enthusiasm!
    Because it was Fat Tuesday, the kids got to choose between a Mardi Gras group, Star Wars group, and a Dance Party group.
    The interns came up with the fun idea to have a Mardi Gras group to pay tribute to this cool Tuesday!
    They colored their own Mardi Gras masks and got to cut them out and put them on, and played other relaxing indoor activities like throwing a ball around and playing with balloons. There were only a couple of kids in this group, so they got some nice quiet time with the interns and their crafts and games!
    The Star Wars group was a huge success, and interested about 10 or so of the kids. They were all so excited about this! They started out by making light sabers with construction paper and tape. After that, it was hilairous to watch as they had "battles" and chased each other around! They also made masks, and played outside in the sun. There was a lot of laughter coming from this group!
    The last group choice was the Luau Dance Party Group. Abram and Felicia put on particularly hilarious commercials as Abram was dressed as a hula dancer, which made the kids and interns alike chuckle. The kids got to dress up in anything from our hefty costume collection and play the dance music that they wanted. They also did the limbo, which was super fun to watch!

    Parents, our last session is this coming Tuesday. Remember, our late spring session starts on March 20, 2012! Sign up ASAP!!! To sign up go to

    23 February 2012, 02:40

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Fat Tuesday

    This week, we had a fun-filled time with the kids celebrating 

    22 February 2012, 21:25

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Love and Spaceships are in the air

    The love and spaceships were flying through the air Valentines day at The Spectrum in Asheville. The kids showed off their amazing drawing skills of Manga Comics and aliens. The fun consisted of Bugs, UFO'z- Space Adventure, and A Manga Valentine's

    In Bugs, participants created egg crate creepy-crawlies. The kids got very creative with their bugs giving them an abundance of arms and legs.   


    UFO'z- Space Adventure allowed kids to build paper planes and flying saucers. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed outside for target practice. The kids really rocked the moon rock toss game!


    A Manga Valentine's mixed Manga and a very loving Valentine’s. Participants created their very own Manga comic and/or made heartfelt Valentine’s for their loved ones.



    Remember, Our Late Spring Session starts on March 20, 2012! Sign up ASAP!!! To sign up go to

    16 February 2012, 02:49

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