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    Dragonfly Forest Blog Carnival! Carnival! Carnival!

    Hello Everyone! This past week at the Spectrum in Asheville was the last meeting of the Late Spring Session, but it was definitely a fun one! We had a Carnival! Complete with face painting, water balloons, a parachute, water guns, bean bag tosses, and four-square! It was so much fun and such a beautiful day to play outside!

    I hope that everyone had a great time and will be able to join us for the next session which is the Early Fall Session and it begins on September 10th and runs through October 15th! Here is a link to the registration page:

    Hope to see you then! 

    07 May 2013, 18:55

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Fun in the Sun!

    This past Tuesday at the Spectrum in Ashevile was warm, sunny, and bright! We had two exciting rounds of activities! The first round consisted of Fun in the Sun, and Playdoh! In the fun in the sun group the kids started out by going on a scavenger hunt outside, then they all made hop scotch courses and took turns doing them all, then they made volcanoes using baking soda and vinegar, then they played a memory game! The Playdoh group began with playing tic-tac-toe making the x's and o's out of playdoh, then they played hot potatoe, made model race cars, and used some plastic cups and playdoh balls to bowl!

    The second round of activities consisted of two groups the first was Lets go outside, and the second was Fun with eggs! In lets go outside the kids started with some crab soccer, it was a pretty intense match up, then they colored on the sidewalks with chalk, played red light, green light, and finally they played with some giant bubbles! The fun with eggs group began with making protective devices for an egg drop! There were some really creative egg drop covers! Then they went outside and tested their devices by dropping them on the ground! 

    We would like to thank all of the friends who came to participate at the Spectrum from Bring a Friend Day! It was really fun to ge to see more happy faces! This coming Tuesday at the Spectrum we will be having a carnival! I can't wait to see everyone there!

    29 April 2013, 22:54

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Outdoor Cowboys with Bugs and Cars!!

    This past Tuesday at the Spectrum in Asheville we had a great variety of amazing activities to choose from! In the first round we had Cowboys and A Day at the Beach! The cowboy group started out by making cowboy vests and badges! Then they went outside to round up some cattle using a hula hoop. Then they played some cowboy bowling! A day at the beach started out making leis! They were very colorful! Then they got their limbo on to find out how low they could go! Then they went outside to play some volleyball!

    The second round of activities had a choice between Adventures with Bugs and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles! In the adventures with bugs group the kids got to make their own nifty looking bugs! There were some ladybugs, a caterpillar  a snail, and even a praying mantis! Then they made binoculars using toilet paper rolls, and then they went on a hunt to see how many bugs they could find outside! The planes, trains, and automobiles group began by making their own airplanes using clothespins. Then they went outside and drew their own race course with chalk and raced to see who ended up on top! Then they played a rousing game of everyones favorite red light, green light. It was a great way to round up an awesome day at the Spectrum in Asheville!

    There is some exciting news for next week! We are having our second Bring a Friend Day at the Spectrum! So please bring a friend to have some fun with you this coming Tuesday, April 23rd! We can't wait to see you all there!

    22 April 2013, 19:46

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Outdoor Fun and Games!

    This week at the Spectrum in Asheville the groups decided to take full advantage of the beautiful weather outside! We had two rounds of activities with two groups in each! The first round had to decide between Puppet Show Fun and A Stroll Outdoors! Puppet show fun started out by first making some amazing sock puppets, then they used them to act out The Three Little Pigs, then they went outside and played "puppet says", then they acted out Jack and the Beanstalk. A stroll outdoors started with a trip to the labyrinth were they conquered the maze! Then they had relay race on the quad, and played follow the leader! Lastly they played with bubbles out in the sun!

    The second round of activities was made up of A Bug's Life and Space Adventures. In a bug's life the kids they started out with bug freeze tag, then did a bug relay race, next they played bug foursquare, and lastly they played avoid the snake where they had to jump over a squirmy jump rope without touching it. In space adventures they started out by coloring and decorating planets, then they played comet, comet, star, and ended the day playing alien red light, green light.

    Overall this was a very entertaining and exciting day at the Spectrum, there is lots more fun to be had in the coming weeks! I can't wait to see what's next!

    14 April 2013, 23:52

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Easter! Spring! Fun!

    Hello all! This past Tuesday at the Spectrum in Asheville was full of bunnies, eggs, and springtime fun! We had two rounds of activities, the first round had a choice between Spring has Sprung and Eggcellent fun! Spring has Sprung started off by making bunny ears out of pipe cleaner and paper. Then they played pin the tail on the bunny! Lasatly they went outside to play Don't Break the Egg, they passed a hard boiled egg back and forth between while taking a step back after each successful toss, it was intense! The second group, Eggcellent Fun, started out with a game called Walk the Egg where there were two teams lined up across from each other with each person holding a cup, they had to pass an egg from one person to the next using only the cups. Then they did an egg spoon race. And lastly they played egg bowling. 

    The second round of activities had a choice between Bunny hop! and Springtime fun. In the bunny hop group the kids got to decorate balloon eggs, play duck duck bunny, and hang the bunny [just like hangman but with a bunny.  The second group, Springtime Fun, started out with an egg basket toss where they held on to baskets and tossed a plastic egg back and forth. Then they made "bunny slippers" out of kleenex boxes and hopped around like bunnies. Then they played bunny tag! 

    At the very end of the meeting all of the kids got to go on a fantastic egg hunt! There were eggs hidden everywhere! But, there were some very skill scavengers as well!

    I can't wait to see what next week has in store!

    04 April 2013, 19:28

    Dragonfly Forest Blog First Session of Late Spring!

    This past Tuesday was the first meeting of the Late Spring Session at the Spectrum at UNC Asheville! We had three great activities! The first was called Just Plain Fun and in it the kids got to play a lot of little games! First they played Hot Potato which is always a favorite. Then they played Musical Chairs. Next they played monkey in the middle and lastly they played crab kickball in which they walked on the ground like crabs and played an interesting game of kickball!

    The second activity was called Move Your Body In and Out! This activity consisted of different games that required the kids to be active! First they played a mirroring game with a partner, one of the two would move while the other mirrored their movements. The next game was called Down By the Banks, this game consisted of the kids sitting in a circle and they would sing a song while clapping the person next to them's hand and the person who clapped on the last word was out! The last game they played was charades!

    The third activity was called Shaving Cream fun and it had a bunch of fun things to do with shaving cream! The first thing they did was to make a balloon friend with hair and feet and a face! Then they had to cut and style their new friends hair! Then they had to very carefully shave their new friends face using a plastic knife. The last thing they did was to make ocean bags by putting stickers and glitter and other fun things in a plastic which they then put in some blue paint and shaving cream to make it look like the ocean!

    This was a great kickoff to this session of the Spectrum we are super pumped for the next one!!

    28 March 2013, 22:48

    Dragonfly Forest Blog The Last Early Spring Meeting!

    This past Tuesday at the Spectrum in Asheville was sadly the last meeting of the Early Spring session, but it was definitely a blast! We had two rounds of activities with two choices in each round! The two in the first round were Outta This World and Transformers! Outta this world was aliens and outer spaced themed, the first game was called "to the moon and back" the kids had to craft their own spaces rocks on which they would travel to the moon and back by hopping on them! Then they made alien masks and rocketships! Lastly they played asteroid field where they had to guide a blindfolded friend through an obstacle course of asteroids to the nearby planet. The transformers group was all about robots! First the kids build robots and crafted a weapon for them, then they had to use it to knock down a tower of cups! Then they played robot says and ended the group with a robot dance party!! 

    The two activities in the second round were Play dough Fun and Monster Trucks! In the play dough group the kids started out by playing play dough bowling and knocking down paper bags. Then they crafted their own race cars using toy cars and raced to see who's could go fastest! Then they played tick-tac-toe using play dough to make the x's and o's. They ended with playing hot potato with a big ball of play dough. The monster truck group began with designing their own monster trucks and cars. Then raced around the room to see who's fantasy car could make it around the obstacle course the quickest. Then they used toy cars to knock down some cup towers. They finished up with playing monster truck tag!

    Sadly this was the last meeting of this fantastic session here at the Spectrum! But we cannot wait until the Late Spring Session which will begin March 26th and run through April 30th! Here is a link to the registration page:

    I can't wait to see everyone there!

    07 March 2013, 17:58

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Monsters, Dinos, Trucks and more!

    Hello Everyone! This past Tuesday at the Spectrum in Asheville was our next to last meeting of the Early Spring Session! But is was tons of fun with five great activities! We had two rounds of activities like we did last week so there was a lot to choose from! The first round had two to choose from Dinomite, and Monsters!

    In the Monsters group the kids played monster in the middle where they had someone stand in the middle and try to capture the mysterious lava rock! Next they created their own monsters using craft supplies and cups! Then they played twisted monster! Which was basically twister but with tentacles instead of feet and claws instead of hands! The Dinomite group the kids first when on a search to find hidden dinosaurs all over the room. Then they played T-Rex tower where they got in teams of two and tried to see who could build a plastic cup tower the fastest while holding their arms like a T-Rex. Then they dressed up like dinosaurs by making their own claws and tails out of paper!

    The second round of activities was just as fun as the first and the choices were Where's Waldo with Origami, Monster trucks and Wrestling, and Cat and Dog Games. The first group Where's Waldo and Origami started off by making origami creatures like cats and cranes and frogs! Then they took turns hiding the creatures collectively named Waldo and having the others find them! The monster truck and wrestling group began by coloring their own monster trucks and then racing them around the course of desks! Then they played pin the tail on a wrestler and wrestling charades! The cat and dog games group started out with a scavenger hunt for dog and cat pictures. Then they played played a game where they had a balloon on a string tied to one of their legs like a tail and they had to try and pop one another's balloons. Then they played stealing the bone, where one kid sat at a desk with a bone under it facing away from the others, they had to be as sneaky as possible and attempt to steal the bone from right under the desk. 

    This coming Tuesday will most sadly be the last meeting of the Early Spring Session here in Asheville. But that just means that it is time to sign up for the Late Spring Session! It starts on March 26th and runs through April 30th! Here is a link to the registration page:

    I can't wait to see you all at the Spectrum!

    28 February 2013, 19:40

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Two Rounds of Activities!

    This week at the Spectrum in Asheville was especially exciting because we had two separate rounds of activities for the kids to choose from, thats six in all! It was very fun to get to pick twice. In the first round the choices were Bowling, Sea Activities, and Abracadabra! In the bowling group the kids got to play fun variations on bowling with cans, one version was truth or dare, another was simon says, and the last was hangman! In the sea activity group the kids got to make their own crabs or fish, then they went outside and played a crab walk relay race, and then they played ninja crab! In abracadabra the kids learned to be master magicians! They learned some very exciting magic tricks using everyday items, it was magical!

    In the second round of activities we had Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Minute to Win It! The Indiana Jones group got to go on some amazing adventures that involved mummy races, they also got to make treasure maps, and then went on a treasure hunt! The star wars group started out by coloring pictures of Angry Birds Star Wars! Then they made balloon lightsabers, and then they trained to used the force! The minute to win it activity was a mixture of small games where the kids had only a minute to complete them! 

    I am so excited for this coming Tuesday, we have lots of fun activities planned!

    25 February 2013, 02:15

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Superheroes, Mardi Party, and Balloons!!

    This week at the spectrum in Asheville we had a ton of stuff to do! We had three great activities! Staring with Superheroes! We had lots of masked heroes running about! first everyone had to come up with their superhero name, and then they got to decorate their own mask! Then they had practice all of their new gained superpowers around the room! The last thing they did was play superhero says! This was a super group to be in!

    The Mardi Party group started out playing musical masks, where they took Mardi Gras mask and used them to play a game similar to musical chairs. Then they decorated the masks with lots of glitter! Then the whole room broke out in a super fun, and a little crazy, dance party!

    The third group was Balloons! The kids got to play lots of balloon volleyball using their hands and feet and even their heads! Then they played Balloon charades where they popped a balloon containing a word they then had to act out while the others guessed. Then they played with static electricity and found out who could make the most balloons stick to their heads at once. 

    This week was great at the Spectrum, I bet next week will be even better! I can't wait to see everyone there!!

    14 February 2013, 19:28

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