Shark Attack from Outer Space!

Last Thursday was a beautiful day at the Spectrum, so we took advantage of it by going outside. We played a few silly games that mostly involved running around and playing with balloons. After it was discovered how easily the balloons would pop, all twenty were popped after about two minutes of being inside! Then we had to get creative and ended up racing and chasing each other around for a while.


Next, we headed inside and the kids were given the choice of doing shark-related activities or taking a trip to outer space. Everyone who chose to do activities from outer space got to make awesome flying saucers out of paper plates and tissue paper. We had fun throwing the saucers around the room and using them as Frisbees. For the shark activities, everyone got the chance to make a shark out of a clothespin and/or draw a shark on a balloon. Later, we used the balloons for a game of Shark Attack. The object was to try and stay away from the balloons that had sharks on them!


26 February 2013, 23:25
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