Fat Tuesday & Fun!

This week, we had a great time celebrating this colorful day with plenty of silliness and enthusiasm!
Because it was Fat Tuesday, the kids got to choose between a Mardi Gras group, Star Wars group, and a Dance Party group.
The interns came up with the fun idea to have a Mardi Gras group to pay tribute to this cool Tuesday!
They colored their own Mardi Gras masks and got to cut them out and put them on, and played other relaxing indoor activities like throwing a ball around and playing with balloons. There were only a couple of kids in this group, so they got some nice quiet time with the interns and their crafts and games!
The Star Wars group was a huge success, and interested about 10 or so of the kids. They were all so excited about this! They started out by making light sabers with construction paper and tape. After that, it was hilairous to watch as they had "battles" and chased each other around! They also made masks, and played outside in the sun. There was a lot of laughter coming from this group!
The last group choice was the Luau Dance Party Group. Abram and Felicia put on particularly hilarious commercials as Abram was dressed as a hula dancer, which made the kids and interns alike chuckle. The kids got to dress up in anything from our hefty costume collection and play the dance music that they wanted. They also did the limbo, which was super fun to watch!

Parents, our last session is this coming Tuesday. Remember, our late spring session starts on March 20, 2012! Sign up ASAP!!! To sign up go to www.dragonflyforest.org

23 February 2012, 02:40
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