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    Dragonfly Forest Blog Candids at Haverford

    Mary Katherine sings her Tennis Ball Monsters to sleep and David plays a thrilling game of Monopoly.

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    12 November 2013, 00:57

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Fall Fun at Haverford!

    At the Haverford Spectrum, we were having fun in all sorts of ways! Some of our kids were singing and dancing their way into fall, while other built trains and went on treasure hunts! What a busy day!

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    13 October 2013, 12:30

    Dragonfly Forest Blog At Haverford Fall Brings Fun

    Back for another week of fun, The Haverford Spectrum had some crazy times last week!  Not only were there Superheroes flying around our campus keeping everyone safe, but there was also a royal gathering where a couple princes had their coronation.  There were also a group of talented artists who worked on the spectacular decorations such as handmade fall wreaths and beautifully ornamented pumpkins for the ceremony.   Here are some pictures below of the wild events!




    The superheroes no only got to create their identities and costumes, but they also had to freeze-tag the villains to keep them from causing mischief at the Spectrum.  They also had to collect points by tossing balls through hoops so they could get enough power points  to transform into superheroes.




    At the Royal ceremony, the royals had to first design armor to fit the new princes and create the army they would command.  Then they built a fort where they could begin planning their battles.




    Last, but certainly not least, were the artists, who combined their skills to create the most dazzling creations ever seen using fresh fall foliage and pumpkins as their medium of choice.




    It was incredible to witness this collection of people and activities this past week and we can’t wait to see whats in store for next week!


    03 October 2012, 18:00

    Dragonfly Forest Blog The Spectrum is Here!

    Hey everyone!

    We are so excited for a whole year of Spectrum fun ahead of us! We saw some new faces last Thursday as well as some returning friends. Unfortunately, we had camera problems and don't have any pictures to post :( We definitely will next week though, so get ready!

    The three fun activities offered this week were:

    Dinopalooza 2012: We made dinosaur masks, picked identities, and played cool games like "t-rex vs. baby dinosaur"

    Space Adventures: Aliens and astronauts buzzed around the room, fought their way through an asteroid belt and designed neat jet packs and lasers with aluminum foil

    Dr. Seuss day: There was singing and dancing and all other kinds of Dr. Seuss-themed fun



    Thanks for coming, we can't wait to do a whole bunch more on Thursday!!

    26 September 2012, 01:32

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Superheroes and Detectives do science experiments!

    If anyone thought that superheroes and detectives couldn't work together, they were mistaken! This week at Haverford, we had superheroes, detectives, and scientist all learning from each other and sharing trade secrets.


    The superheroes protected the Spectrum group from treacherous villains, wearing self-designed capes, masks, and weapons.  They came up with great names for themselves—with incredible powers to accompany their flashy titles.  They flew around Haverford's campus saving all the other kids and counselors. Thank goodness they were there!

    Meanwhile a group of detectives gathered together to find old Mrs.Mary's lost possessions.  With their magnifying glasses in hand they doggedly tracked down every clue and at last found the thief who stole everything!


    The scientists in our group learned how to make balloon rockets and sent them flying across the room at extraordinary speeds!  It was a blast! See you all soon for more fun and adventures!





    10 March 2012, 17:13

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Back at the Spectrum!

    We are finally back from break at the Spectrum!  All the interns couldn’t wait to play with their old friends as well as meet a couple new ones.  This week, after everyone calmed down from the excitement of being back, the kids jumped into each activity: Chinese Masters, Jungle Adventures, Robot Attack, and the ever popular Letter of the Month Club! 

    For those who chose to learn the subtleties of being a Chinese Master, the first task was to create a weapon to challenge other masters with.  Then, combat matches began to see who would be the supreme master. 

    Across the room were a group of courageous adventurers, braving the treacherous jungle with just a spear for protection—spears they created themselves with newspapers and feathers (which proved to be surprisingly hardy).  The adventures had to spear as many of the animals, pictures pinned on the wall, as possible so they could escape from the jungle alive!  

    In Robot Attack, kids explored the depths of their imagination, as they drew frightening robots and created swords to protect themselves from these evil machines that came to life right off the page (with the help of the interns). 

    Last but certainly not least, Letter of the Month Club returned, with one of the kids bringing all the supplies and coming up with great new ideas on how to play with the alphabet and have a great time!  We can’t wait for next week!



    06 February 2012, 21:04

    Dragonfly Forest Blog Haverford Halloween!

    Hey guys!

    We had a really successful first week at the Spectrum! The three activities we had were "A Ghostly Night," "Halloween Palooza," and "Spooky Stories" so the kids got a chance to chase ghosts, fight zombies and make some spooky crafts. 

    Regal participated in a spook scavenger hunt!

    Regal participated in a spooky scavenger hunt!

    Daniel, Jamie, and Matthew make monster masks so the ghost gets

    so scared he drops his candy!

    The girls and Alex use their coloring skills to create some Halloween masterpieces

    Matthew gets chased by scary zombie (named Danny!)

    Captain America (Daniel) and Matthew show their skills as ninjas!

    After such a fun and eventful day, we can't wait until tomorrow to do it again! We look forward to seeing you then!

    03 November 2011, 02:44

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