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You can help make a difference in the life of a child with a Autism or a Medical Need!

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Thank you for giving children with Autism and Medical Needs the opportunity to feel like a kid again. Your gift helps us bring these life-changing experiences to children who need it most.  In 2011, we are happy to report that 80% of every dollar raised went directly to Programming. 

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Donor Questions

Click Here if you have questions about how you can help Dragonfly Forest.  Some of our donor's most frequently asked questions are answered here.

Become a volunteer

Adults come to volunteer and work at Dragonfly Forest for many reasons: some want to have a summer of fun, some want to give back to their community, but some come for other reasons.

We asked our counselors about the personal and professional goals they hoped to achieve while at Dragonfly Forest.  We learned that they were interested in the ways that camp would contribute to their aspirations to be doctors, teachers, lawyers, social workers, and nurses by helping them develop skills in many different areas, such as leadership, organization, group dynamics, advocacy, and program development.  In addition, we learned that counselors felt that their camp experience would help improve their family lives and personal relationships by improving their patience, cooperation, flexibility, motivation, and enthusiasm.

What was even more interesting than the goals themselves were some of the results, such as a program leader who developed new teaching strategies for her special education classroom, and the counselor who used his background in biology to learn more about campers’ medical issues.  This personal and professional development means that Dragonfly Forest is a place that is magical not only for the kids, but also for the adults.  Why don’t you come and experience the magic this summer by volunteering at camp?  Click here to Sign Up.

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